Arctic White 581 PF


581 PF Arctic White is creamy, smooth and easy to print. 581 Arctic White has a very high level of optical brighteners making it a very bright white.  581 Arctic White is fast flashing and easy to cure making it ideal as a standalone white and highlight white. It is suitable for both manual and automatic printing. It is very opaque and works well on 100% cotton and most 50/50 blends. – See more at:

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Product Description

Stencil: All types Mesh: 581 PF Arctic White can be printed thru mesh counts up to 305/inch (122T/cm)

Reducer: 501 Curable Reducer, 502 Viscosity Reducer

Squeegee: Use a medium (70) durometer as a minimum, but a triple durometer (70/90/70) is optimal for finer details.

Curing: 581 Arctic White will cure at 320F. Tests for product compatibility should always be conducted prior to production runs. 

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