Scrub Pad Kit


Simply the best value on the market for cleaning screens Summit’s Versa-Scrub Brush system will meet all your needs for screen cleaning and maintenance.

The universal handle is rugged and completely solvent resistant, the easy “press-fit” holding system will attach any of our three scrub pads which are most often used as follows;

Clean Up; White Pad – the Gentle abrasive nature of this pad makes it great for ink removal without damaging the emulsion.

Emulsion Removal; Red Pad – The higher abrasive nature of this pad makes it best suited for application of emulsion stripper and emulsion removal.

Stubborn Emulsion / Haze Removal – Blue Pad – this most abrasive pad is best suited for stubborn emulsion removal and De-Hazing applications.

The pads are resistant to the most caustic of Haze removers.

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Product Description


3 handles,

3 White Pads,

3 Red Pads,

2 Blue Pads


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