Franmar Greenway - Multipurpose Ink Remover
Franmar Greenway - Multipurpose Ink Remover

Franmar Greenway - Multipurpose Ink Remover

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Many screen printers use a multitude of different inks and additives to keep up with today's fashion trends and printing. Franmar’s Multipurpose Ink Remover allows screen printers to clean any type of textile ink with or without additives. Simple, safe and effective - as cleaning screens should be.

Features / Benefits

  • Will Not Remove Tape Residue
  • Ideal for Recycle Tanks
  • Can Be Diluted with Water Up to 50%
  • Low Odor
  • Fast-Acting
  • 100% Biodegradable


  1. Spray or pour a small amount onto screen.
  2. Scrub screen with dedicated pad or nylon brush.
  3. Repeat on back of screen image.
  4. Rinse both sides of screen with pressured water.
Note: Dilution is best suited to plastisol ink cleaning only. Test for effectiveness.

    Usage Tips

    • Remember, less is better. Use a small amount and you will immediately see the ink loosen.
    • If screen feels oily after cleaning, use less Multipurpose Ink Remover or use more water to rinse.
    • Can be used for on-press color changes and as a screen opener.


    Q:  What kinds of emulsions are recommended for use with Franmar cleaners?
    A:  Most emulsions will work with Franmar's line of cleaners.  Keep in mind that Franmar's environmentally friendly cleaners require the use of water during the clean-up process, so having an emulsion with some water resistance is important.
    Q:  Franmar cleaners are softening my emulsion.  Why?
    A:  One possible cause for this is that the emulsion is not fully cured.  Another possibility is that it's not actually the cleaner softening the emulsion, but the water that is used to rinse the screen.  The emulsion used needs to have some water resistance to it.

    MSDS Sheet Info