SAATI IR4 - Plastisol & Textile Ink Remover

SAATI IR4 - Plastisol & Textile Ink Remover

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IR4 ink remover is an ink degradent for plastisol / textile and nylon inks. It is meant to be used off-press in a washout booth to remove ink from the mesh before reclaiming. It will not lock-up plastisol resistant emulsions, and is safe on CA glue.
It has a light orange odor, is water-based with a low organic content, is biodegradable, and is safe for drains.
Can also be used to remove adhesive build-up, and to clean ink from printing equipment.


  • For use to clean Plastisol and Nylon inks
  • Slightly viscous to improve cling to screen during application

Features / Benefits

  • Low VOC at 113g/L
  • High efficiency formula reduces product consumption.
  • Clean screens with water and easy rinsing formula

Directions For Use

Use a spatula to scrape excess ink from screen. Apply the product to squeegee side of the screen. Use a non-abrasive brush to scrub both sides of the screen until the ink is liquefied. Starting from the bottom, rinse ink residue from the screen with water.


After printing thoroughly card ink from screen. Wet screen with water and apply a light mist of IR4 on the well side of screen and in the image area on the substrate side of screen. Using a damp screen scrubber pad, brush IR4 into ink on all areas until the ink has been liquefied. Using a garden hose rinse ink from screen with low-pressure water rinse.

Squeegee Cleaning

Mix IR4 with water in a 1 to 1 ratio and place mixture in
a flat container. Dip squeegee into mixture and scrub all surfaces, corners, ends, etc. Water rinse to remove ink residue. This technique is a great way to reduce solvent waste, excessive towel usage, and is a user-friendly way to clean squeegees. (A Bristol brush & flat scrub pad is needed.)

Rinse & save

Wet the screen and apply IR4 to both sides of the screen. Lightly brush the screen using a wet scrub pad. Use low pressure water to rinse ink residue and let screen air- dry. For best results, use a water resistant emulsion and either emulsion or Finish W1 as a blockout. (Emulsion will require exposing to make it water resistant.)

Rinse & save

IR4 mixed 1 to 1 with water can be used as a press wipe when running water-base or discharge inks. This helps to reduce ink stains in the mesh.


When sealed in the original container and stored in cool conditions, Saati Chemicals products will maintain their original properties for one year from the date of production.

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